Anti-Austerity Organizing Fund

We are offering a number of micro-grants of up to $500 to any collective, group, or coalition for the purposes of organizing against austerity in Canada (not including Quebec*). This can be an event, art project, performance or publication. It must raise awareness of, or cultivate resistance to, austerity policies in Canada. Priority will be given to projects that engage more than one sector affected by austerity policies.

To request a micro-grant, please answer the three questions below in an email to [email protected], with the subject line: "GRANT REQUEST". 

1. What is your activity, and how does it relate to fighting the austerity agenda?

2. How much are you asking for, and how will the funds be used?

3. Are you willing to distribute Smart Change/Unite Against Austerity materials to participant, and circulate our email sign up sheet (if applicable)?

Requests will be considered on an ongoing basis.

If you're interested in donating to the fund, please contact us at [email protected]

* Quebec has the fortune of being far more advanced in its struggle against the austerity agenda; this fund is intended to help the Rest of Canada catch up a bit.